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No H1N1 enquiry committee in the European Parliament

Friday 21 May 2010 par Marc Girard

By comparison to the parliamentary committees dealing with the management of the H1N1 flu and whose pitiful ministrations we can appreciate on a daily basis, the commission of inquiry demanded by 210 Members of the European Parliament alone aimed from the outset for a regulatory technical audit of the European Medicines Agency, the agency which authorized the new vaccines. It is only such a commission which could have allowed us, for example, to understand how a mass vaccination campaign could have been authorized at the end of a botched development of a few weeks, based on evidence of questionable reliability and which resulted in particular in seven totally unexplained deaths.

This alone would have allowed the documentation of the state to which pharmaceutical evaluation procedures have been insidiously perverted by the European Authorities since the directive EEC/65/65. This alone would have allowed, in an exemplary way, a startling light to be shed on the predatory influence lobbies exert on political authorities. We understand why European Parliament officials might have conspired to abort this project: they had seen it coming perfectly well – and they knew it could be terrible…

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